City & Shopping Centres

Enriching the shopping experience.

With APCOA, parking goes to town.

Thanks to our experience with car parks in retail locations across Europe, we know that cities as well as shopping centres face fierce competition from online retail and delivery services. Attracting footfall requires a great shopping experience. In this context, car parks are usually the first and last touchpoints in the consumer journey of a city centre.

Perfect parking experience for your customers

With seamless, friendly and affordable parking solutions, we contribute significantly to a great customer experience. Additional services that consumers perceive as added value enrich this experience. These range from valet services to car washes, charging stations and lockers. Full digital integration with surrounding retailers may even provide superior discount schemes for “good shoppers”. APCOA PARKING operates city and shopping centre car parks at over 1,500 locations across Europe.

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Benefit from our individual and effective solutions:

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