Delivering higher value and better experiences with parking spaces.

As Europe’s No. 1, we manage car parks for owners and investors in all sectors. We cater to each specific need, be it monetary, service-based or both. Our customer convenience technologies are the foundation for both state-of-the-art and tailor-made solutions. As a forward-looking and independent partner, we are always by your side to increase the value of your parking spaces.

Parking management

As a reliable partner in managing and operating parking, APCOA has led the European market for over 50 years. From zoning to ticketing to traffic volume control, we offer the complete portfolio of modern parking management. Surface, multi-storey or underground car parks, forecourts or curb side management: We manage all locations where vehicles park, independent of their size. And we know that different locations require different solutions.

Benefit from our vast expertise in the following areas:

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Parking management is among our core competencies.

Park & Control

Whether public or private, on- or off-street parking – we ensure rules and regulations are followed at your locations. Besides customised enforcement hardware and software solutions, our safety services include cameras and scan cars, enforcement officers, vehicle removals and vehicle pounds. We collect and manage parking fees, process notices, take care of representations and appeals for you and even handle your bailiff matters.

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Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) enables cashless parking.

ANPR-based parking

With ANPR-(Automatic Number Plate Recognition) parking, we provide you with a competitive edge by offering your customers a faster and more convenient parking experience. On entering and leaving a car park, the vehicle’s number plate is scanned and identified automatically. Enabled by the APCOA FLOW app, parking is ticketless and payment fully automatic. Consumers waste no more time queuing in front of the barrier or at the payment machine. And your parking facility is future-proof for autonomous driving and parking.

Treat consumers to the best possible parking experience:

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On- & off-street parking enforcements

As a part of our parking enforcement services, we offer you full service ranging from clamping and removal to vehicle pound provision to fine collection, representation and appeals’ service. APCOA even supplies school crossing patrols or off-street park and guard services.

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Part of our service portfolio: on-street and off-street parking enforcement services.

Revenue management

To provide you with a higher income and stable cash flows, we optimise parking tariffs, pricing strategies and structures. Features may include season ticket packages, peak pricing as well as dynamic pricing. Our revenue management increases the profitability of each and every car park and ensures that you are satisfied all round.

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