Learn about our ambitious plans to accelerate the electrification of mobility.

Instead of running on fossil fuels, the automotive future will be powered by electricity – preferably from renewable energy sources. APCOA contributes to advancing e-mobility by investing in one of the largest electric charging networks in Europe. Within the next few years, we will bring up to 100,000 new EV charging stations to 13,000 APCOA parking facilities. Wherever possible, these will be powered by green energy.

Supporting sustainable transport

Electric mobility makes the future of motor traffic more eco-friendly. Not only is it much quieter, but above all, it runs with zero CO2 emissions. It therefore comes as no surprise that more and more consumers are switching to electric vehicles. This situation along with increasing regulations requiring charging facilities in public car parks make the expansion of EV charging infrastructure a must for the industry.

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A new benchmark in Europe

Consequently, we have decided to heavily invest in one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe: By the year 2035, we plan to deploy up to 100,000 new charging stations in APCOA parking facilities. To this end, we are bringing 11-50 kilowatt AC- and DC-EV charging points to our more than 13.000 sites, powered by green energy. In addition, we are partnering with automotive and HPC industry leaders to setup an additional 1,000 High Power Charging stations.

In our Urban Hubs, we will also promote the charging of other electric-powered vehicles such as e-scooters, e-bikes or even e-cargo bikes.

Benefit from our comprehensive service for settingup and operating electric charging stations:

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APCOA provides planning, implementation and operation of charging infrastructure.

Open and compatible setup

To allow the integration of multiple partners and services, we have developed a new digital integration platform. It will be compatible with non-proprietary hardware to support the infrastructure regardless of charge point ownership. Our APCOA FLOW and APCOA Connect apps will serve as the front-end for your parking customer including locating, booking and payment.

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EV charging will be an important part of parking in the near future.

Responsible growth

By expanding our charging infrastructure, we are enhancing your facilities to become more attractive for consumers. At the same time, we are contributing to emissions reduction and making our growth more sustainable.

Benefit from our EV charging initiative:

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