Mobility starts here: The APCOA Service pledge

APCOA PARKING Group is Europe's leading mobility service provider with more than 50 years of industry expertise in Car park management. With its 5,000 employees, the company manages more than 1.8 million individual parking spaces at over 12,000 locations. These parking spaces are all situated in proximity of 70% of the population of APCOAs 13 countries organizations. With its consistent "asset light" business model, APCOA is the trusted partner who maximizes value for private and public real estate owners. APCOA PARKING stands for modern car park management in city centers, at airports, trade fairs, hotels and hospitals. APCOA PARKING is a pure service company and does not own any real estate itself. Therefore, we are not in competition with owners or investors. Our experts always advise you neutrally and objectively.


More comfort, less stress: The APCOA FLOW App


Via its open and free digital parking service platform APCOA FLOW, the company connects on-street and off-street car parks with clients, partners, customers and their vehicles. Based on this technology, APCOA is transforming its car parks into urban Hubs, providing the physical and digital infrastructure for mobility, last mile logistics, e-charging, intermodal transport and technology-based services. Customers profit from innovative and convenient experiences provided by APCOA and its partners which can use the car parks to deliver their different services.


Our mission to a more sustainable mobility and traffic life


The environment also benefits as we actively contribute to the reduction of emissions in cities by decreasing the volume of traffic for logistics and searching for parking. By connecting parking, sustainable mobility and services for urban life, APCOA is positioned to be an integral part of the digital and physical urban ecosystem.


Key Figures

• 13 countries

• > 12,000 locations

• 1,8 million parking spaces

• 200 mio. transactions

• 5,000 employees

• > 50 years of experience