About us

APCOA is committed to getting the best out of each and every parking space.

About us

We have been around in mobility services for more than 50 years. During this time, we have relentlessly added value for your business and your customers with our parking solutions. Today, we are the No. 1 car park operator in Europe, managing over 1.8 million spaces in more than 13,000 locations across 13 European countries. We are shaping the future of parking.

Learn all about our market significance and our aspirations. Allow yourself to be convinced by the good reasons that speak in favour of APCOA. And find out why we are dedicated to sustainability and how we became what we stand for today.


Take advantage of the countless opportunities to benefit from working with our company – whether as a client, partner or employee.

Our vision and mission

This is what we believe in, what we stand for and what we do – get to know the DNA of the APCOA brand.

Our history

Since our beginnings, we have grown organically as well as via acquisitions to bring parking, mobility and urban life together.


Nice to meet you: Get acquainted with the APCOA management as well as with its Advisory Board.


As our business is at the centre of mobility, we feel we can and must help to make our ecosystem as sustainable as possible.