APCOA offers specific parking solutions to whichever sector we serve.

We are committed to getting the best out of each and every parking space. For you, your customers and their communities. Today and tomorrow. That’s our mission, and it applies across a wide range of sectors from travel to healthcare & education, from retail to city centers and enforcement.

With our asset-light operating model and our four business lines we are perfectly prepared to serve all kinds of clients and customers. Rely on our profound expertise and benefit from our long-standing experience to get the optimum out of your assets.


Wether at railway stations, harbours or hotels, we aim to deliver a smooth travel experience.

City and Shopping Centres

With seamless, friendly and affordable parking solutions, we contribute significantly to a great customer experience.

Events & Hospitality

Our efficient and flexible parking management systems ensure that customers drive home happy from your venue. 

Healthcare & Education

With over 15 years direct experience, we are specialists in hospital and educational parking. 

Enforcement and Parking Services

We deliver the best solution to enforce regulations from parking to environmental issues.