Urban Solutions

Supporting sustainable communities with Urban Hubs.

By opening up our locations and spaces in city centres for numerous other uses, we are transforming car parks into unique urban hubs. These can serve as logistics centres for last mile delivery, provide charging spots for EVs, e-scooters and e-bikes or offer themselves as pick-up and drop-off points for mobility providers. They can host cinemas and bars, pop-up stores or decentralised manufacturing. With APCOA Urban Hubs, we can transform our cities into a more sustainable environment for working and living, business and leisure.

Mobility Hubs​

Do you offer rental cars, micro mobility or car sharing? Use the convenient location of our parking spaces as pick-up and drop-off points. Here, your customers can switch their means of transport: for instance, from their own car to a shared one or to an e-scooter. We take care of billing the parking fees and the charging. And if you wish, we can also take care of cleaning or damage repair.

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At our Urban Hubs, customers can change and charge vehicles, for instance from electric car to e-scooter.
When your cars are parking, we attend to charging.

Electrification Hubs

If you park your EV or micro-mobility fleet at our facilities, we will take care of the charging. Benefit from our end-to-end renewable energy services. From the installation of solar panels, wind turbines (on rooftops) and transformer stations to managing your energy generation, load, maintenance, customer service centres and fire protection – customised digital solutions included.

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Logistics Hubs

If you run a fleet, park your vehicles in our parking lots with central invoicing. Use our spaces to charge your cargo bikes for last-mile delivery – with the infrastructure we provide. You can even rent areas for your drivers and couriers in our parking facilities. Do you operate a food delivery service? Speed up the process by delivering from dark kitchens installed on our premises. From locker boxes to storage trailers, rent insured and guarded micro spaces for either storage or delivery across the city.

Benefit from APCOA's urban coverage and advanced digital network:

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Use our Urban Hubs as logistics fulfillment centres. We provide the relevant infrastructure.
APCOA car parks offer just the space you need.

Proximity Services

If your business requires you to be close to city centres, our sites are for you. Use our rooftops to install 5G antennas, rent space for cinemas, bars, concerts and other inner-city events. Need to assemble end products right before delivery? Our parking lots are the ideal place for you. Want to surprise your customers with pop-up stores? We have the space you need. Looking to offer services like car wash and maintenance right where they are needed? We’ve got you covered.

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APCOA Urban Hubs bring together multiple useful services in unique ecosystems. From logistics centres to charging spots for EVs to housing bars and restaurants.