APCOA Parking: the number 1 of mobility service providers

APCOA PARKING has a clear idea for the future: We connect parking, mobility, and urban life by offering our customers innovative, smart and sustainable parking management solutions as a mobility service provider.

Our Vision

Our vision? The right parking solution for everyone


APCOA PARKING is driven by a clear vision for the future:

  • WE - that means all of us together, can make our vision happen!
  • We create exciting new products and services by CONNECTING consumers, clients, partners, cars, and car parks.
  • PARKING is our heritage, core competence and foundation of our business – we are an outsourcer delivering operational excellence in all aspects of parking management.
  • Our clients, customers and partners expect us to provide answers about smart, sustainable MOBILITY and innovative, future-proof solutions also beyond parking.
  • With our digital and physical infrastructure, we are able to contribute to a sustainable URBAN LIFE by opening our car parks to partners for mobility, charging, logistics as well as new technology & services.

Trends such as urbanisation, digitalisation, the rise of electric vehicles and smart mobility are transforming transport and driver behaviours. This is fundamentally re-shaping the parking industry. In this ever-changing world of the smart city, we go beyond traditional solutions to embrace technology and innovation. We provide the physical and digital infrastructure for a sustainable urban life. With our Urban Hubs we are building an ecosystem for tailormade and connected use cases around mobility, charging, logistics and new technology & services.

We deliver our vision through a clear focus on the needs of customers and consumers, support for our employees and specialist knowledge. We are committed to innovation, new technology and outstanding customer service.


Our Mission

All our work is underpinned by six key differentiators:

  • We are a pure play parking operator for all forms of on- and off-street parking, for private and public clients
  • We open our physical & digital infrastructures to provide Urban Hubs for proximity services
  • We maximize value and convenience for consumers, partners and clients, and we are partners to real estate investors & owners
  • We lead through technology and connect consumers, cars, car parks, partners and services
  • We are best in class in operating parking assets across all dimensions and services
  • We develop sector specific solutions for consumers, partners and clients

In all that we do, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable life.