E-Business Solutions

APCOA PARKING’s growing revenues and market penetration in e-business-services proves the acceptance of our service by customers.

APCOA PARKING has a track record in operating car park reservation systems, including parking pre-booking, contract parking management systems, online ticket sales and online marketing measures.

Starting in the UK in 2004, we then implemented pre-booking in the Scandinavian markets and in Germany in 2007. APCOA PARKING now operates airport pre-booking at over 50 international airports across Europe.

APCOA PARKING pioneers the development and implementation of new technologies and has built its own e-business platform to operate the world's largest car park pre-booking system at Gatwick airport. APCOA PARKING has also introduced the first international airport pre-booking engine Skyparking.com. In addition to pre-booking, we sell our broad B2C product portfolio on online platforms, from prepaid value cards, season tickets to contract parking.