Electric Charging for green EV mobility

At APCOA we are convinced that electric mobility will make the future of motor traffic more sustainable and climate-friendly. Not only is it quieter but above all, it prevents further CO2 emissions. At the same time the expansion of the e-charging infrastructure is necessary due to both increasing consumer interest and the trend toward regulations for charging facilities in public parking lots. That is why we offer fast electric charging stations for EVs, powered by our partner and electricity supplier E.ON, in our car parks and urban hubs.


Refuel, but make it sustainable with electric charging


At our parking garages we offer our customers a user-friendly and innovative charging infrastructure for electric cars which we are continuously expanding.

To this end, we are investing in the expansion of 11- to 22-kilowatt ev charging points at our more than 12.000 sites, which will essentially be powered by green energy. In addition, we are enabling partners to set up fast-charging stations. Our charging points are freely accessible for long-term and short-term parking.


Building the EV charging infrastructure for climate-friendly parking


With the expansion of car charging stations and further urban hub services, we are making the use of our locations even more attractive for customers. At the same time, we are contributing to climate protection and make our growth more sustainable. Up to 2035 we want to install about 100.000 new car charging stations in our European locations, offering AC as well as DC charging. This is how we make our contribution to achieving the climate targets.

In our urban Hubs, we also promote other electronic means of transportation, such as E-bikes, E-scooters or even E-cargobikes.