Traffic flows in designed service zones


Whether at airports, ferry terminals, train and bus stations, trade fairs or other highly frequented spots – providing optimum customer service is crucial regardless of location. Unfortunately, large volumes of uncontrolled vehicles coupled with long queues quickly create chaos at arrival and departure points. A vehicle-flow-control solution is needed.

APCOA PARKING has streamlined the entire process and has developed a successful, tried-and-tested system that manages and controls traffic flows in designated service zones: the Traffic Management System (TMS).

By using the TMS, access to arrival and departure point is only granted to accredited, registered vehicles that conform to our high standards of quality. Customers, taxi-drivers and the location itself all benefit.

Upon arrival, a vehicle is first registered electronically before being directed to the holding area and given a place in the queue, which is determined by criteria such as eco-friendliness. A vehicle can only enter the customisable service zone and complete its tasks once it has been called out.

The system can be adapted to cater to every wish by including:

  • A service office providing personal contact
  • A control system manned 24/7 monitoring the system (near an optional waiting room for licensed drivers)
  • An external team for the control of the vehicle holding area to quickly address problems on ground

The TMS is available in every language and contains corresponding modular hardware components including transponders, barriers, voucher and receipt printers, and notice boards. Comprehensive software ensures effective traffic flow management



Large volumes of uncontrolled vehicles and long queues can quickly create chaos at arrival and departure points – a vehicle-flow-control solution is needed.



APCOA PARKING has developed a system that effectively manages vehicle movements remotely from an area within, or in the vicinity, of a service zone.



  • Organised and managed traffic flows
  • Efficient and fair treatment of both passengers and drivers
  • Improved service and quality
  • Environmentally friendly


How TMS works