No more fiction, only science: Autonomous Valet Parking is here

Cars that drive themselves, look for a parking space and pick up their owner again, that was only known from science fiction films for a long time. With the latest technology, we are already a decisive step closer to this vision of the future.

Automated valet parkingAVP in short – is the latest development in valet parking. AVP is an innovative new technique that allows the vehicle to search for a parking space and park in and out automatically and autonomously. We at APCOA developed automated parking in cooperation with our partners Bosch, Mercedes and the Stuttgart Airport, where Level 4 self driving ultimately had its world premiere.


How and where can I use Automated Valet Parking?


At present Automated Valet Parking is available in our Stuttgart car park P6 for certain models of the Mercedes S-Klasse and the EQS. The next step is to make this service possible in 15 other parking garages throughout Germany, including Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. Other European Cities will follow after that.

The use of the Automated Valet parking service is supported by our digital parking app APCOA FLOW. Customers simply park their vehicle in a handover zone in the entrance area of a parking garage and start the fully automated and driverless parking service via app.


What are the biggest advantages of autonomous valet parking?


Thanks to this service, which we are constantly developing, parking will no longer be a stressful and time-consuming affair in the close future. Automated Valet Parking eliminates the hassle of searching for a parking space. Since your car simply parks itself via level 4 autonomous driving, you will profit from more comfort, more time for the important things and less stressing about finding a good spot for your car. Thanks to the APCOA FLOW App the process is also contactless and cashless.