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APCOA delivers the first NHS multi-storey car park with integrated energy centre


APCOA Parking is excited to announce the opening of a new 729-space multi-storey car park (MSCP) at Northwick Park Hospital which includes an integrated energy centre - the first combined solution of this kind. APCOA managed the complex design and build of the new facility and will operate the car park on behalf of the Trust as part of a new 20-year agreement.

The 5-storey MSCP, which replaces a low-density surface car park in the grounds of the hospital, has been designed with a Vertical Circulation Module steel frame and was built in less than a year.

The car park incorporates Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology which can support the future use of APCOA's comprehensive multi-site, self-service online permit management system. To improve environmental sustainability, 30 EV charging points are available, with the capacity to increase in future as required.

An 800m² energy centre, architecturally engineered into the footprint of the multi-storey car park, provides capacity for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust to generate income and achieve environmental improvements. Once the energy centre is fully commissioned over the next 12 months, the Trust will reduce its current energy spend by £1.9m a year.

The combination of a state-of-the-art CHP system enhanced by innovative combined air and water sourced heat pumps along with a battery storage system, will also create a smart grid, producing a saving of 2,500 tonnes of carbon every year.

Gary Munn, Head of Property and Commercial for London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust said:

"This regeneration project has solved a number of problems that were facing the Trust. The new MSCP provides much needed additional, secure parking for staff members, conveniently close to the hospital. The energy centre will both generate income and support our sustainability targets to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. The land sale has realised funds for future investment in our staff and patients from the previously poorly utilised assets and provided an opportunity for our housing partner to develop 1600 housing units, many of which are for low income families in an area of acute housing shortage.

"The APCOA team have been great to work with, providing a full package of expertise and on-site skills to successfully guide the project from conception to completion in an extremely short time window that will maximise our downstream benefits."

Kim Challis, regional managing director for APCOA UK & Ireland said:

"I'm really proud of the APCOA team who have worked closely with our client and key supply chain partners to project manage the complex design and build of this amazing new facility. The combination of the pandemic and Brexit created extra manpower and logistical challenges, but we successfully managed these and delivered on time and within budget.

"APCOA already has a significant presence in the UK healthcare sector, and this building demonstrates our capability to deliver first class, innovative infrastructure solutions and solve the parking difficulties that are currently experienced by so many NHS facilities."

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APCOA and Instabox start collaboration to provide parcel pickup stations


APCOA PARKING (APCOA) and the Swedish shipping service Instabox have entered a partnership with the aim to make the everyday life of Danes easier and less time-consuming.

With the new partnership between APCOA and Instabox, Danes will now be able to pick up parcels directly from the parking lot and thereby save not only valuable time but also unnecessary extra kilometers to the nearest manned pick-up point which altogether will contribute to a better urban life.

The partnership between APCOA and Instabox is the latest contribution to APCOA URBAN HUBS, securing Danes convenience-solutions in one place. A concept where you besides parking and picking up packages also can get your car window fixed and rent electric scooters to get you to the final destination.

Instabox delivers parcels from some of Denmark's most popular e-commerce sites and more merchants are joining continuously. The roll out of parcel lockers is also ongoing with rapid speed and will have a coverage of more than 90 percent of Danes in 2022.

"We are happy to team up with APCOA PARKING and further expand our network of lockers in Denmark. APCOA's nationwide concept Urban Hubs fits perfectly with our strategy of having our smart automated parcel lockers located where people pass everyday to create the most uncomplicated shipping experience. With our service, Danes can enjoy the freedom of choosing when, where and by whom a parcel is collected", says David Lundqvist, Chief Commercial Officer at Instabox.

At APCOA there's also excitement and expectations for the partnership. Dan Kirk, Head of Marketing, Business Development & Consumer Relations in APCOA PARKING says: "We are very pleased with adding Instabox to our list of partnerships so we can provide Danes with even more options to get errands done straight from the parking lot. Our goal is to gather as many of the Danes' needs as possible in one place, so that the valuable spare time people have, is not used on running errands all over town. This is a good step on the way. Additionally, this will contribute to decreasing heavy traffic in the bigger cities, a win win for all."

The first two Instaboxes are up and running. One is placed in Vejle and the other in the center of Copenhagen at the popular Axel Towers. Axel Towers houses an entire Urban Hubs area containing both E-charge, XXL-parking, RYDS bilglas and now Instabox. More Instaboxes will be installed all over Denmark within the next couple of months.?

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APCOA and TIER launch international partnership


APCOA PARKING (APCOA), Europe's leading parking operator, and TIER Mobility (TIER) have joined forces to launch an international strategic partnership that will see APCOA parking garages used as bases for TIER's charging cabinets, which the micro-mobility service provider will use to charge lithium-ion batteries for its fleet of e-scooters.

  • Micro-mobility company offers charging stations for e-scooters batteries in car parks in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Sweden and Norway.
  • First charging stations in Düsseldorf, with Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg to follow.
  • Partnership based on the APCOA URBAN HUBS infrastructure offers more convenience, reduces logistics costs and increases sustainability.

APCOA PARKING (APCOA), Europe's leading parking operator, and TIER Mobility (TIER) have joined forces to launch an international strategic partnership that will see APCOA parking garages used as bases for TIER's charging cabinets, which the micro-mobility service provider will use to charge lithium-ion batteries for its fleet of e-scooters. The partnership will also allow TIER to set up designated parking areas for e-scooters around APCOA parking garages so that APCOA's customers can easily and conveniently switch from their cars to TIER's e-scooters.

Under the APCOA URBAN HUBS brand, APCOA is expanding the functionality of its parking garages in city-centre locations and making them available to selected strategic partners to offer an enhanced range of parking-adjacent services. By the end of 2021, APCOA parking garages in four major German cities - Düsseldorf, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg - will be equipped with TIER's charging stations and dedicated parking racks. There are also plans to expand the international partnership to include parking facilities in Poland, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden and Norway.

"The close international partnership with TIER is a great example of the opportunities APCOA URBAN HUBS provide for our partners, owners and end customers. It also demonstrates how we use innovative concepts to attract potential new users to our parking facilities. We are currently exploring more promising partnerships with numerous potential partners, all of whom appreciate the high density of our car park network and the fact that 230 million consumers live and work within easy reach of our properties in European city centres", explains Niels Christ, Director Urban Hubs, APCOA PARKING Holdings. TIER is joining an impressive roster of APCOA's strategic partners, which already includes BOSCH, BVG, Daimler, E.ON, HERE Technologies, REEF, Sixt, Swiftmile and UFO Drive.

"Our new partnership with APCOA will reduce logistics traffic, enhance our service and reduce CO2 emissions. All of these benefits can only be achieved because of the removable batteries we use. Rather than charging our fleet of vehicles every day at a large warehouse on the outskirts of the city like our competitors, we rely on small charging stations in central locations", explains Philipp Haas, Vice President Expansion & Central Operations at TIER. TIER's network can now significantly expand thanks to the company's strategic partnership with APCOA.

Many of APCOA's car parks parking now offer not only parking spaces for cars, but serve as multi-purpose APCOA URBAN HUBS: "We see substantial revenue potential from opening up our more than 1.5 million parking spaces and over 1.9 million square metres of available logistics space to urban logistics, mobility, electric charging infrastructure and other technology services", explains Christ.

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APCOA and Swiftmile bring micromobility charging to parking garages


APCOA PARKING Group, Europe’s largest parking operator and Swiftmile, the pioneer in micromobility charging, today announced a partnership to bring e-scooter and e-bike charging to urban parking garages. In a joint event with the City of Stuttgart during its ‘Mobility Week’, Swiftmile and APCOA inaugurated charging stations at 4 APCOA parking garages throughout the city, with plans to expand to 10+ locations this Fall.

This partnership is a founding element of APCOA's new "Urban Hubs" initiative, which reimagines urban parking garages as technology-forward ecosystems for electrification, multimodal travel, and last-mile logistics. Stuttgart will be a "showcase city" for adapting parking infrastructure to support a shift toward micromobility-which can replace an estimated 6 out of 10 car trips in German cities.

"There are emerging opportunities around the globe to repurpose car parking infrastructure for the new era of urban transport, and we're honored to partner with APCOA to lead this trend in Germany," says Swiftmile CEO Colin Roche. "These strategically-placed Swiftmile stations will help grow sustainable modeshare in Stuttgart, and we're eager to continue this work across other APCOA markets."

"The digital and on-demand economy, especially in the field of mobility and logistics, needs a physical basis and a smart and flexible infrastructure," says Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of APCOA. "With more than 11,000 sites we have created Europe's largest network of digitally connected car parks. Our hubs combine parking with logistics and technology services, shared mobility platforms and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We are excited to welcome Swiftmile as a partner in our locations."

The first user of the charging stations will be Germany's leading micromobility operator TIER, which already hosts its battery swap kiosks for e-scooters in APCOA garages. TIER will use the Swiftmile stations to directly recharge its local fleet of 1,500 e-scooters, and to allow seamless multimodal travel for APCOA parking patrons. Future iterations of this partnership may also support charging needs for TIER's e-bike and e-moped fleet.

This collaboration is the start of a budding alliance between TIER and Swiftmile in Germany, between Swiftmile and APCOA across Europe, as well as TIER and APCOA across Europe.

"The innovative charging stations from Swiftmile are another element in the development of a decentralized charging network in Stuttgart," says Anna Lauffer, Regional Manager Southern Germany at TIER. "Thanks to the cooperation with APOCA and Swiftmile at the Urban Hubs, we can enable a convenient switch from cars to e-scooters for the last mile."

This is the latest deployment in a series of partnerships that Swiftmile has cultivated to minimize micromobility clutter and advance shared, sustainable mobility. In June, Swiftmile partnered with Shell Brands International AG to fold micromobility charging into Shell's portfolio of electric vehicle charging services. Swiftmile has also ramped up its efforts to transform parking infrastructure in North America, most recently entering a partnership to deploy 100+ charging stations with the Miami Parking Authority.

About Swiftmile: Swiftmile is the pioneer and market leader in LEV charging, offering a new class of green infrastructure that will set the foundation for "gas stations of the future." We build and operate Mobility Hubs to charge and organize e-scooters, e-bikes and e-mopeds, at little or no cost to cities thanks to an on-Hub advertising screen. Swiftmile's infrastructure is driving battery and charging standardization for the global micromobility sector, with Hubs across North America and Europe. Swiftmile is based in San Carlos, CA. For the latest updates and information on Swiftmile, visit

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