APCOA PARKING presented PARK&CONTROL services at expo real in Munich


Munich, October 10th 2013. APCOA PARKING successfully presented the parking surveillance service PARK&CONTROL at expo real in Munich, the leading fair for commercial real estate in Germany.

Munich, October 10th 2013. APCOA PARKING successfully presented the parking surveillance service PARK&CONTROL at expo real in Munich, the leading fair for commercial real estate in Germany. PARK&CONTROL was fully integrated into the stand design and supported by two promotion hostesses walking the fair. 
The stand in hall C1 / 121 was highly frequented during all days of the show. APCOA PARKING also invited customers to a dinner speech in Munich (Oct. 7th) and a party at the stand (Oct. 8th).

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APCOA PARKING at expo real 2013: Innovative Concepts for value creation based on parking space


Stuttgart, October 1st , 2013 – At the 16th edition of expo real, the Munich International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, APCOA PARKING Group offers an overview of its concepts for a systematic and sustainable profitability increase of parking space.

Stuttgart, October 1st , 2013 – At the 16th edition of expo real, the Munich International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, APCOA PARKING Group offers an overview of its concepts for a systematic and sustainable profitability increase of parking space. The European market leader in parking management presents most recent service products, by which private and public property owners are supported to augment their value creation.

Based on proprietary market research and Europe-wide know how, APCOA PARKING Group at expo real will give answers  to questions which are of the greatest interest to landlords holding parking space. How will parking habits develop in European markets? How can you increase the profitability of parking garages? How do you develop and monitor parking space? How does important technological innovation in the parking business look like? 

CAM is key to parking space profitability growth
„Commercial Asset Management“ (CAM) is all about focusing the potential for increasing value creation and profitability of property parking spaces.  CAM shows garage owners the potential of their garages; what their customers think of the garages; what needs to be done to make their garages more attractive for customers, and how to build and grow the numbers of contract parkers.

“This system was developed from the experience we have gathered in more than 40 years in 12 European countries. With it we really can show garage owners effective ways of increasing their profitability”, comments Ralf Bender, CEO of APCOA PARKING Group.

Technical progress at garage level: Increasing profitability and customer-friendliness
APCOA PARKING also takes advantage of technical developments to increase the comfort  of access to garages for motorists. Together with co-operation partners from the automotive industry, APCOA provides contactless access of registered cars to parking garages. For such cars the opening of the gate is effectuated by an RFID chip behind the windshield. Thus drivers get into the garages quicker and more comfortably. The billing of the parking charge is done at the customer’s discretion by credit card or by direct debiting.

Park & Control: Preventing the abuse of parking space by unauthorized users
It’s an issue as old as customer parking itself: parking spaces provided for visitors and customers are blocked by unauthorized users, e.g. drivers abusing the space as a kind of ‘park&ride’ parking lot. On this backdrop APCOA PARKING Group will present a special service to the German real estate market: APCOA subsidiary PARK&CONTROL (PAC) GmbH offers property owners and real estate managers a solution to such problems, encompassing the writing out of fines for violation of parking rules, and including the identification of the driver and fined collection.

Parking lots are often operated on the basis of displaying parking discs, which does not work very well without surveillance. Under the PARK&CONTROL scheme, violations of the parking rules result in a penalty for breach of contract; a notice of which trespassing drivers find attached to their windshields upon their return.

Market research reveals peculiarities of growing demand for parking space
Recent market research commissioned by the APCOA PARKING Group indicates a clear potential for improvement of the parking situation in city centres:  42 % of interviewees consider the parking situation as tense or chaotic. In Italy even 70% of all drivers questioned arrive at this irritating conclusion.

Searching for a parking space in Germany on average takes 10 minutes, in Italy up to fifteen minutes. As usually two people are sitting I a car, the “lost lifetime” of each search for a parking space sums up to 15 to 20 minutes.

An especially eye-catching result of the research is that the price drivers are paying for unnecessary search for parking space is surprisingly high. A distance of 4,5 kilometres is covered in each search, prompting costs of about € 1,35 per search. International polls show that 30 to 40% of all drivers in congested city centres are searching for a parking space. Accordingly, in the case of some cities the total of such search traffic amounts up to 14 circumnavigations of the Earth.

Environmental pollution caused by each parking search results in an output of 1,3 kilo of CO2. This figure, applied to the entire parking search traffic, adds up to sums literally astronomical. “We knew that parking search traffic is being underestimated, but this drastic research result comes as a real surprise”, states CEO Ralf Bender. “If drivers would directly drive to the nearest parking garage, they would save an enormous amount of time and money, and avoid considerable environmental damage. Parking guidance systems are clearly required, showing the parking spaces available. Here cities, municipalities and parking managers have the duty to search in conjunction for adequate solutions for car drivers.”

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APCOA PARKING Group is the leading European parking manager. More than 40 years of operational experience and innovation, the combined know-how from 12 European countries, an annual turnover of more than € 700 million, and a highly diversified portfolio are distinguishing APCOA PARKING Group from competitors. This business clout, quality of service and stability offered to private and public proprietors, keep APCOA PARKING Group in the European top position. More than 30 European airports have chosen APCOA to manage their parking facilities, making the company the market leader in this segment, too.
The group currently manages around 1.3 million parking spaces at more than 7,500 locations in Europe. All car parks are managed on the basis of local know-how, individual contracts, tailor-made technical solutions and customer-oriented services. APCOA’s international expertise and innovative clout is powered by 4,800 employees. APCOA Group headquarters are located in Stuttgart (Germany).


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