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Vienna, April 10th 2013 – With strongly increased profitability APCOA PARKING Group continued on its solid growth path in 2012.

Vienna, April 10th 2013 – With strongly increased profitability APCOA PARKING Group continued on its solid growth path in 2012. In 12 countries the European leader in parking management realized a consolidated revenue of 701 million Euro. Adjusted for the effects of renegotiated contracts this amounts to an increase in revenue of 5.4% year-on-year. For the first time APCOA PARKING’s total turnover value (total sales include revenues and external sales created under management contracts) of parking management services crossed the threshold of 1 billion Euro. Compared to the previous year, profitability grew by 9% to reach an EBITDA of 66.3 million Euro. Over the period of time APCOA expanded the number of locations under management by 7.9% to 7,321. At the end of 2012 the company employed 4,821 staff.

Increase in operating profitability

„The strong economic performance is the overall effect of solid growth, continuous portfolio optimization and strict cost control“, declared Ralf Bender, APCOA PARKING’s CEO during the annual results press conference in Vienna. The 2012 strategic realignment also determined the course for a new product and marketing strategy. By now all national subsidiaries operate under the common brand name APCOA PARKING Group. “Our new market entry forms part of the modernization and strategic realignment of APCOA PARKING focusing market leadership and targeting accelerated profitable growth”, said Ralf Bender. For the first time successful products and standardized services for private, institutional and public customers and landlords are being offered Europe-wide.

Solid growth path

In 2013 the European leader in parking management is setting sight at an improvement of revenues and profitability of 5 %, on the basis of an expanded business volume driven by new business.
APCOA PARKING is aiming at cost leadership in the management of parking garages through standardization of its products, services and IT-solutions in its operative business.

Increasing requirements in Europe

Especially in European metropolitan regions, cities and municipalities integral management of parking space is gaining in importance.

„The efficient management of stationary traffic through provision of professionally managed parking spaces in residential and inner-city areas, but also at airports and train stations becomes the central factor of success in coping with individual mobility demands. Already today we are counting 240 million privately owned vehicles in Europe, with tendency to rise”, Ralf Bender describes the development of the parking management market in the near future. Already today APCOA PARKING is fine-tuning the management of parking garages and the surveillance of ungated parking space, e.g. on-street, for numerous major European cities and metropolitan areas.

In addition to standardized products and services in parking space management, APCOA PARKING is offering innovative solutions in the traffic management segment, too. That includes its proprietary taxi management system, employed to organize taxi services and other traffic flows at airports, fairgrounds and train stations. Implementation of this system, e.g. at the Stockholm Arlanda airport, led to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and modernization of the operating taxi fleet. “That’s how we significantly contribute to environmental protection and sustainable corporate development at the same time. Sustainable and responsible corporate behaviour are central elements of our corporate code of conduct and guidelines.”

Public providers of parking space show an increasing interest in the know-how of APCOA PARKING Group, as the complexity of parking space management in metropolitan areas is growing. Private landlords, on the other hand,  primarily appreciate the value orientation and business competency of APCOA PARKING solutions. Here the maximization of revenue from the offering of parking space is in the foreground.

Leading role in Europe

“Proprietors and public authorities across Europe know APCOA PARKING as the partner with local competency, international expertise, and as a company wielding 40 years of market experience. It is customer satisfaction that, over the years, made our company the European market leader. Today the APCOA PARKING group is well positioned to play a leading role in all areas of European parking space management”, Ralf Bender concluded.


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APCOA PARKING Group is the leading European parking manager. More than 40 years of operational experience and innovation, the combined know-how from 12 European countries, an annual turnover of more than € 700 million, and a highly diversified portfolio are distinguishing APCOA PARKING Group from competitors. This business clout, quality of service and stability offered to private and public proprietors keep APCOA PARKING Group in the European top position. More than 30 European airports have chosen APCOA to manage their parking facilities, making the company the market leader in this segment, too. 
The group currently manages around 1.3 million parking spaces at more than 7.300 locations in Europe. All car parks are managed on the basis of local know-how, individual contracts, tailor-made technical solutions and customer-oriented services. APCOA’s international expertise and innovative clout is powered by 4.800 employees. APCOA Group headquarters are located in Stuttgart (Germany).

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