APCOA on course to turn over a new leaf


14 May 2014 | APCOA Parking (UK) has added a new branch to its already impressive parking management estate, by helping the UK business to become carbon neutral.

14 May 2014 | APCOA Parking (UK) has added a new branch to its already impressive parking management estate, by helping the UK business to become carbon neutral.

After signing up to have its environmental management systems independently audited under international standard ISO 14001 back in 2013, APCOA is now working with UK company Carbon Footprint to increase its sustainability and achieve its carbon neutral goals.

To kick-start its green campaign, APCOA has purchased 60 native British broad-leaf saplings, which will be planted by a number of key stages 1 and 2 school children in the south east of England, UK.  Once mature, each tree will absorb in the region of one-tonne of carbon dioxide during its lifespan, which is approximately 100 years.

By planting the saplings, APCOA will soon be able to neutralise its annual use of A4 paper across the whole of its UK estate.  It will also help to improve one or more local communities, while providing new habitats for local wildlife.

Graham Morphew, Managing Director for APCOA Parking (UK), said: “We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and doing our utmost to rejuvenate local communities through more green initiatives.

“Climate change remains an important issue on the public agenda, and is something that is central to our business objectives and corporate responsibility programmes.  As the leading parking management company in Europe, we believe that we have a duty of care to the public, as well as the environments in which we serve. 

“We want to encourage biodiversity in urban and rural areas, and provide our clients with peace of mind that we really do make a real difference,” added Morphew.

APCOA PARKING (UK) was established in 1971 as a parking management company, and became the first company in the UK to provide on-street parking enforcement in 1986.  APCOA currently employs around 2,000 staff in the UK and a further 2,500 staff across 11 other European countries. 
To date, APCOA is the largest full-service parking management company in Europe, providing a wide range of management and on-street services on behalf of clients at airports, rail stations, shopping centres, town and city centres, hotels, hospitals and universities.

About Carbon Footprint
Carbon Footprint Limited was founded in 2002, and is a leading provider of environmental consultancy activities and sustainability services.  It helps businesses develop a more sustainable business model to become carbon neutral with Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) approved carbon offsets.   Carbon Footprint is a founding member of the QAS, and advises the coalition government on low carbon legislation.

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