APCOA and The New Motion expand Germany's electric vehicle (EV) charging network


Stuttgart, July 6, 2016 The partnership between APCOA PARKING Group, Europe's leading parking facility manager, and The New Motion, the leading provider of intelligent charging solutions, is expanding the number of EV charge points in Germany.

  • 100 EV charge points already in operation at 35 sites across Germany
  • 200 new EV charge points at 100 sites in 2016

 100 EV charge points will be in operation at 35 APCOA sites across Germany before the end of this month. By the end of the year, this will rise to around 200 EV charge points at 100 sites.

“APCOA has set itself the task of providing innovative solutions for urban mobility. Our partnership with The New Motion enables us to install intelligent EV charge points throughout our network, and to play a strategic role in the expansion of electric mobility in Germany,” said Philippe Op de Beeck, CEO of the APCOA PARKING Group. And this is just the start. APCOA's collaboration with The New Motion will soon be extended into APCOA's other European markets.

APCOA and The New Motion have been working together since autumn last year and announced their partnership at the IAA 2015. The roll-out of EV charge points across APCOA's German network of car parks and parking garages started in January 2016. “This partnership means that we have been able to offer our customers a network of user-friendly and innovative charge points for their electric vehicles in our parking facilities since the beginning of this year. Electric car drivers can charge their vehicles at a wide selection of sites across Germany and, if they use The New Motion's app, they also benefit from a range of extra services. Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority at The New Motion, and we know that our customers are happy from our high NPS (Net Promotor Score),” said Sytse Zuidema, CEO of The New Motion.

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