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Car Park Management



APCOA FLOW makes parking easier! APCOA FLOW started in May 2018 in Germany, where drivers now can conveniently drive in and out with their contactless FLOW RFID tag and by cashless by credit card.


We manage parking

As a value and service-oriented company with over 45 years of experience in car park management, we understand that profitable management of a car park is important to a property and each of our staff will support this goal.

Traffic management

The Traffic-Management System (TMS) is a APCOA PARKING proprietary innovative full-service concept that has been developed in conjunction with taxi guilds specially for the handling of taxis on stands with a rapid turnaround. This modular system has already been successfully employed in Scandinavian airports for years.


All our car parks remain open for our customers! For everyone who needs to stay mobile during the lockdown, we are still there and supporting with our services. More...