Have a look at a selection of our partnerships in the smart mobility ecosystem


In June 2019, APCOA and BVG, Berlin's public transport company, opened an intermodal mobility hub that consists of all offerings across the shared mobility value chain: access to public transport, dedicated car sharing parking spaces, access to E-scooters, E-Bikes and to the associated charging infrastructures. Our digital platform APCOA FLOW seamlessly connects all those services and handles capacities and dedicated, segment-specific allowances in the background. This way we are embedding your property into the urban mobility eco-system and open up new revenue streams.



Together with our strategic partner Bosch, we are offering joint forces and digital products and service to introduce Automated Valet Parking (AVP) across various OEMs and sites in Europe. Thereby APCOA makes your asset ready for the future of autonomous parking and is delivering real first to market upsides and great prestige to your property on top of that.


UFODrive is a virtual, high-class electric car rental company. In March 2020, their first rental hub opened in an APCOA car park in Berlin. Many further will follow across appropriate sites in Europe. Thanks to this partnership APCOA is able to connect your property with a premium mobility offering for your customers and support you to improve the overall customer journey.



Thanks to the partnership with Innogy we will able to deploy a comprehensive portfolio of EV-infrastructure in our car parks and to seamlessly combine digital charging and parking services. With this additional service, we are generating an enhanced site awareness and corresponding higher frequencies and further increase both customer satisfaction and dwell times.


Deutsche Telekom

APCOA FLOW makes APCOA off-street car parks seamlessly accessible. The Telekom’s smart mobility app “park and joy” provides access to public and private parking areas. In the future, both platforms together offer a comprehensive parking service for parking garages and on-street spaces to more than 40 million Telekom customers, including seamless access and automated payment to APCOA car parks.



With our last mile partner veloCARRIER we have created urban micro logistics hubs for final distribution of parcels via Electric Cargo Bikes in June 2019. This way we strategically embed car parks into the overall smart city eco-system, make optimum use of our capacities and contribute to decreased city traffic load and therewith lower emissions in city centres.


VWFS & PayByPhone

In cooperation with Volkswagen Financial Services & PayByPhone we are embedding APCOA FLOW’s comprehensive off-street services in Germany into vehicles across all brands of VW Group. Here we are creating car-related services and full visibility for your assets where it’s mostly needed: in navigation systems of cars as the perfect touchpoint for drivers to become aware of your parking.



Car parks are often the perfect place to install locker boards, where customers can flexibly pick up their ordered items independent of required fixed times being at home. With Amazon locker boards being installed in our car parks, we help to convert the risk of growing online trade to a chance and connect your property to the E-Commerce Business in the most unobtrusive and customer-friendly way.

See some of our main references at prime locations all over Europe.


Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg, Germany


Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom


Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway


Prins & Keizer Amsterdam, Netherlands


Wirtschaftsuniversität (Viena, Austria)


Royal Hamilius, Luxemburg


Billund Airport, Billund, Denmark


Citadella, Verona, Italy


Globen Shopping, Stockholm, Sweden


Galeria Kazimierz (Krakow, Poland)


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