APCOA PARKING manages airport, rail and hotel chain car parks across Europe. In the travel sector, we are providing parking and traffic management solutions at 830 locations, including around 58 airports. We know the importance of parking to the overall travel experience. Our aim is therefore to deliver seamless travel that removes stress for both passengers and hotel guests. This safeguards brand reputation, maximises revenues and supports sustainability goals.

Meeting the airport and hotel parking challenge

Airports face multiple challenges. Passenger numbers are rapidly increasing, thanks to lower fares and greater competition. Greater capacity needs to be managed. At the same time passengers want a joined-up experience with straight-forward, congestion-free access. Problems will therefore not be tolerated. Issues will impact the overall experience and be shared on social media, damaging your brand.

With a greater airport choice, failing to meet passenger expectations ultimately reduces numbers and revenues. We understand that parking is a key part of the travel process. This applies whether passengers are using their own vehicles or public taxis, arriving or departing. Yet, often the sheer volume and complexity of uncontrolled traffic leads to queuing, delays and potential missed flights. Congestion and poorly organised traffic systems also add to vehicle emissions, impacting progress towards meeting sustainability goals.

Our long experience includes partnerships with leading airports and hotel chains across Europe. We understand the challenges our clients face and use our combination of knowledge and innovation to successfully meet their objectives.

Within airports, we both manage car parks and operate taxi and traffic management to ensure a seamless travel experience. For example, we have worked with Stockholm’s Arlanda airport since 2009. Other notable references include London Heathrow, Bari, Stuttgart, Bergen, Berlin Schönefeld and Billund airports.

Parking excellence across the travel sector

Our proven traffic management system (TMS) is designed to reduce congestion and chaos, controlling the flow of traffic at key arrival and departure areas. Our TMS only allows accredited vehicles within designated service zones. This effectively manages vehicle movements, ensuring a smooth experience for passengers and drivers.

Operators have the flexibility to customise the solution to their needs and objectives, such as by setting eco-friendly criteria for taxi registration. At Arlanda airport our TMS has increased the number of environmentally friendly taxis from 16% in 2009 to 84% in 2016. Passengers, taxi drivers and operators all benefit.

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Customers are demanding more from their airport parking. Competition from offsite operators is growing, meaning airports and their partners need to deliver. We offer a wide range of value added services, from valet parking and car washing to EV charging. These enable differentiation, happier customers and higher yields, ensuring that parking remains a core element of non-aviation revenues.