Managing car parking at hospitals, healthcare facilities and educational establishments demands a sensitive approach. Patients, students and staff all have specific needs that have to be met. They rightly expect high quality, long-term, cost-effective services. Hospitals also need to ensure vital ambulance and emergency vehicle traffic can quickly reach its destination. Demand is rising and sustainability is growing in importance. Site owners now rely on parking revenues to help fund and extend core operations.

APCOA PARKING manages over 150 car parks across Europe for educational and healthcare establishments. This includes 25,000 spaces at hospitals. We work with clients such as University Hospital Frankfurt (Germany), Arhus Hospital (Denmark), Cork University Hospital (Ireland) and Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge (Norway). Our aim is to successful manage long-term parking for staff and visitors, ensure good access for ambulances and manage the planning and financing of car parks.

We are specialists in hospital and educational parking, with over 15 years direct experience. Our dedicated, skilled team is focused on the sector. That means we understand your needs and share best practice from across APCOA PARKING to deliver on your objectives. We understand that hospital parking is not like other sites - and we act accordingly.

Successfully managing complexity

Hospitals and educational establishments are often large locations, with multiple user groups. University Hospital Frankfurt has over 4,500 employees, and handles 225,000 day patients and 50,000 overnight stays every year, for example. Users have different needs. Students and patients want an easy, straightforward experience. Those with long-term conditions, with children or the less mobile want dedicated services, close to buildings. Visitors require clear signage to direct them to the best car park. Staff want cost-effective long-term parking with guaranteed spaces. Doctors and ambulances need priority access, without congestion. Institutions want a solution that minimises administration, delivers steady revenues and protects their reputation.

At APCOA PARKING we understand all of these needs. We strive to deliver parking with a human touch. We are committed to operational service excellence across all our sites. We work with our clients to provide compassionate pricing, tailored to particular needs. Our full lifecycle approach lowers risk and removes stress.

Innovation and choice

Our end-to-end approach delivers the right solution for your needs. We invest in facilities, introducing state of the art equipment. This includes advanced technology, such as ANPR cameras and RFID chips for vehicles. We make payment simple, introducing new options such as contract parking, cashless late payments and online booking platforms and apps. We aid navigation and reduce congestion through clear signage and professional onsite support.

For example, at Uniklinik Hamburg we invested heavily in car parking infrastructure. We introduced seamless entry via RFID for contract parking, new ticket machines and a full 24x7 onsite presence. At Klinikum Augsburg we helped plan a new, multi-storey car park that was built from scratch.

Whatever your needs, APCOA PARKING has the experience and expertise to help you meet your objectives. Read our case studies to find out more.