At APCOA PARKING we deliver the best solution to manage public and private sector car parks. Operating at over 4,900 locations our Park & Control concept enforces regulations, increases satisfaction and optimises your revenues. We work closely with operators of car parks at shopping centres, railway stations, leisure & health centres, retail parks, and restaurants. We also manage parking restrictions outside schools, partnering with local authorities. We take away the stress of managing parking control, allowing clients to focus on core aspects of their business.

Tailored monitoring and enforcement

Park & Control is a comprehensive solution that delivers tailored services to effectively manage your parking spaces. Built on our understanding and experience we help you optimise:

  • Operations for controlling parking areas
  • Revenue and usage models
  • Lease and rental of parking spaces
  • Efficient land use


We install and manage parking equipment, surveillance and signage, funded by APCOA PARKING. We then handle the whole parking process, from issuing tickets and managing payments, to ongoing upkeep and administration. Our 24x7 team completes regular compliance checks to target illegal parking or expired tickets.

Advanced surveillance technology aids enforcement while complying with all legal requirements. Our range of monitoring solutions are designed to fit with your specific needs:

  • Parking discs
  • Pay & display
  • tickets Entrance barriers
  • Photographic/ANPR detection

Reduce the headache of parking problems

The whole solution is effective, efficient and professional. The result? Increased parking frequency and revenues and lower administration costs for our clients. Customers benefit from an improved parking experience and a safer environment. Illegal parking, over-stays and anti-social behaviour are reduced. Available spaces are increased.

With Park & Control APCOA PARKING takes the risk while improving your experience and revenues. Focus on your core business – partner with APCOA PARKING to reduce the stress of parking problems. Download our brochures or view our case studies to find out more.