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APCOA PARKING manages airport, rail and hotel chain car parks across Europe. We providing parking and traffic management solutions at over 950 locations, including around 30 airports. We know the importance of parking to the overall travel experience. Our aim is therefore to deliver seamless travel that removes stress for both passengers and hotel guests. This safeguards brand reputation, maximises revenues and supports sustainability goals.

Airports face multiple challenges. Passenger numbers are rapidly increasing, thanks to lower fares and greater competition. Greater capacity needs to be managed. At the same time passengers want a joined-up experience with straight-forward, congestion-free access. Problems will therefore not be tolerated. Issues will impact the overall experience and be shared on social media, damaging your brand.

Meeting the airport and hotel parking challenge

With greater airport choice failing to meet passenger expectations ultimately reduces numbers and revenues. We understand that parking is a key part of the travel process. This applies whether passengers are using their own vehicles or public taxis, arriving or departing. Yet, often the sheer volume and complexity of uncontrolled traffic leads to queuing, delays and potential missed flights. Congestion and poorly organised traffic systems also add to vehicle emissions, impacting progress towards meeting sustainability goals.

Our long experience includes partnerships with leading airports and hotel chains across Europe. We understand the challenges our clients face and use our combination of knowledge and innovation to successfully meet their objectives.

Within airports, we both manage car parks and operate taxi and traffic management to ensure a seamless travel experience. For example, we have worked with Stockholm’s Arlanda airport since 2009. Other notable references include London Heathrow, Bari, Stuttgart, Bergen, Berlin Schönefeld and Billund airports.

Parking excellence across the travel sector

Our proven traffic management system (TMS) is designed to reduce congestion and chaos, controlling the flow of taxis at key arrival and departure areas. Our TMS only allows accredited vehicles within designated service zones. This effectively manages vehicle movements, ensuring a smooth experience for passengers and drivers. Operators have the flexibility to customise the solution to their needs, and objectives, such as by setting eco-friendly criteria for taxi registration. At Arlanda airport our TMS has increased the number of environmentally friendly taxis from 16% in 2009 to 84% in 2016. Passengers, taxi drivers and operators all benefit. To find out more about our TMS click here.

Customers are demanding more from their airport parking. Competition from offsite operators is growing, meaning airports and their partners need to deliver. We offer a wide range of value added services, from valet parking and car washing to EV charging. These enable differentiation, happier customers and higher yields, ensuring that parking remains a core element of non-aviation revenues.


City- & Shopping Centre

APCOA PARKING operates city centre and shopping centre car parks at over 1,500 locations across Europe. We provide more than 135,000 parking spaces in shopping centres, alongside over 200,000 city centre spaces in some 350 cities.

We understand that competition is fierce, particularly in city centre locations. Today’s drivers demand clean, well-kept and centrally located parking facilities in city centres. Shopping centre customers require generous, perfectly organised and simple to use, convenient parking areas. We therefore work closely with our B2B clients to meet the requirements of their customers. We are committed to driving their long-term success and ensuring they hit earnings targets.

From Berlin to Bournemouth

We deliver this through tailored support to our B2B clients, personalised to their individual circumstances, locations and needs. Our experience spans the complete project lifecycle. We can be involved from the development stage in new projects, through building the car park, to ongoing operations, maintenance and modernisation. We have the skills and knowledge to help you define and realise your vision across the lifecycle of your project.

Whatever your city centre and shopping centre car parking management needs, contact us. We can deliver a personalised solution, based on our experience and ongoing expertise. To find out more about our current car parks, visit our references section.


Events & Hospitality

APCOA PARKING manages event and hospitality parking at over 400 European locations. These include Milan’s exhibition centre, host of the city’s famous fashion week, and the Allianz Arena, the home of Bayern Munich football team and Europe’s largest multi-storey car park. We are responsible for the parking at some of the biggest events in the sporting, cultural and trade calendars.

We understand the importance of the parking experience to successful events. We ensure jam-free traffic management even at the busiest peak times, at the beginning and end of every occasion. Our efficient, flexible parking management systems ensure a smooth experience that means customers leave happy.

Parking is central to the hotel experience

We are trusted by some of Europe’s biggest and most prestigious hotels to manage their parking. APCOA PARKING reinforces their brand image through efficient, customer-focused and simple to use car parks. Guests rightly expect comfortable and well-kept services that replicate and reinforce the quality of their stay.

Over our 45 years of operation, we have built up substantial experience working with the majority of big international hotel chains. From the Marriott Warsaw to the Hilton Heathrow and Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden, we ensure guests benefit from five star parking facilities, whatever the length of their trip.

Our event and hospitality portfolio is backed by our personalised approach. This delivers a tailored solution to every client, built on our unrivalled expertise, advanced technology and deep local knowledge. Whether you are a hotel, sports stadium, entertainment venue, trade fair or conference centre trust APCOA. We deliver a seamless, well-managed experience to your guests, fans and attendees. To find out more about our current car parks, visit our references section.


Healthcare & Education

Managing car parking at hospitals, healthcare facilities and educational establishments demands a sensitive approach. Patients, students and staff all have specific needs that have to be met. They rightly expect high quality, long-term, cost-effective services. Hospitals also need to ensure vital ambulance and emergency vehicle traffic can quickly reach its destination. Demand is rising and sustainability is growing in importance. Site owners now rely on parking revenues to help fund and extend core operations.

APCOA PARKING manages over 150 car parks across Europe for educational and healthcare establishments. This includes 25,000 spaces at hospitals. We work with clients such as University Hospital Frankfurt (Germany), Arhus Hospital (Denmark), Cork University Hospital (Ireland) and Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge (Norway). Our aim is to successful manage long-term parking for staff and visitors, ensure good access for ambulances and manage the planning and financing of car parks.

We are specialists in hospital and educational parking, with over 15 years direct experience. Our dedicated, skilled team is focused on the sector. That means we understand your needs and share best practice from across APCOA PARKING to deliver on your objectives. We understand that hospital parking is not like other sites - and we act accordingly.

Successfully managing complexity

Hospitals and educational establishments are often large locations, with multiple user groups. University Hospital Frankfurt has over 4,500 employees, and handles 225,000 day patients and 50,000 overnight stays every year, for example. Users have different needs. Students and patients want an easy, straightforward experience. Those with long-term conditions, with children or the less mobile want dedicated services, close to buildings. Visitors require clear signage to direct them to the best car park. Staff want cost-effective long-term parking with guaranteed spaces. Doctors and ambulances need priority access, without congestion. Institutions want a solution that minimises administration, delivers steady revenues and protects their reputation.

At APCOA PARKING we understand all of these needs. We strive to deliver parking with a human touch. We are committed to operational service excellence across all our sites. We work with our clients to provide compassionate pricing, tailored to particular needs. Our full lifecycle approach lowers risk and removes stress.

Innovation and choice

Our end-to-end approach delivers the right solution for your needs. We invest in facilities, introducing state of the art equipment. This includes advanced technology, such as ANPR cameras and RFID chips for vehicles. We make payment simple, introducing new options such as contract parking, cashless late payments and online booking platforms and apps. We aid navigation and reduce congestion through clear signage and professional onsite support.

For example, at Uniklinik Hamburg we invested heavily in car parking infrastructure. We introduced seamless entry via RFID for contract parking, new ticket machines and a full 24x7 onsite presence. At Klinikum Augsburg we helped plan a new, multi-storey car park that was built from scratch.

Whatever your needs, APCOA PARKING has the experience and expertise to help you meet your objectives. Read our case studies to find out more.


Enforcement & Parking Services

At APCOA PARKING we deliver the best solution to manage public and private sector car parks. Operating at over 4,900 locations our Park & Control concept enforces regulations, increases satisfaction and optimises your revenues. We work closely with operators of car parks at shopping centres, railway stations, leisure & health centres, retail parks, and restaurants. We also manage parking restrictions outside schools, partnering with local authorities. We take away the stress of managing parking control, allowing clients to focus on core aspects of their business.

Tailored monitoring and enforcement

Park & Control is a comprehensive solution that delivers tailored services to effectively manage your parking spaces. Built on our understanding and experience we help you optimise:

  • Operations for controlling parking areas
  • Revenue and usage models
  • Lease and rental of parking spaces
  • Efficient land use

We install and manage parking equipment, surveillance and signage, funded by APCOA PARKING. We then handle the whole parking process, from issuing tickets and managing payments, to ongoing upkeep and administration. Our 24x7 team completes regular compliance checks to target illegal parking or expired tickets.

Advanced surveillance technology aids enforcement while complying with all legal requirements. Our range of monitoring solutions are designed to fit with your specific needs:

  • Parking discs
  • Pay & display
  • tickets Entrance barriers
  • Photographic/ANPR detection

Reduce the headache of parking problems

The whole solution is effective, efficient and professional. The result? Increased parking frequency and revenues and lower administration costs for our clients. Customers benefit from an improved parking experience and a safer environment. Illegal parking, over-stays and anti-social behaviour are reduced. Available spaces are increased.

With Park & Control APCOA PARKING takes the risk while improving your experience and revenues. Focus on your core business – partner with APCOA PARKING to reduce the stress of parking problems. Download our brochures or view our case studies to find out more.