Traffic Management

The Traffic-Management System (TMS) is a APCOA PARKING proprietary innovative full-service concept that has been developed in conjunction with taxi guilds specially for the handling of taxis on stands with a rapid turnaround. This modular system has already been successfully employed in Scandinavian airports for years.

With the TMS to enter the taxi holding area and pick up passengers at the terminal is only possible for licensed and tested taxis with a definite standard of quality. On its arrival, the relevant car will be registered electronically and then accordingly directed to the holding area by means of a system that takes in all the variables. Everything aims to maximize quality and service.

Depending on the characteristics and the wishes of the passengers, the system consists of:

  • A taxi service office as the possibility for personal contact
  • A taxi control system manned round the clock for the monitoring of the system (near an optional waiting room for licensed drivers
  • An external team for the control of the taxi holding area, as required by previously booked special taxes and for addressing problems on the ground

Furthermore, the system, that is available in any required language, contains the corresponding modular hardware components such as:

  • Transponders, barriers, voucher/receipt printer and notice board (see other side)
  • A comprehensive Software for the most effective management of the traffic flow.


At airports, fairgrounds, event locations, railway stations and other major departure points there is often an urgent need to control the flow of taxis within a limited area.


APCOA PARKING has developed a system which manages taxi movements remotely from an area within or in the vicinity of the airport.


  • Complete, trouble-free solution for the manager
  • Satisfaction of the passengers
  • Satisfaction of the Taxi Driver
  • Quality management
  • Environmental protection

Download complete Taxi Management brochure

Taxi Management brochure