We Manage Parking

APCOA PARKING provides expertise from 12 countries and forty years of experience. Profit from the security of the No. 1 in car park management:
We are Europe's leading manager of parking facilities and provides property owners with comprehensive services around the car park.

The local environment determines customers' needs in each car park. At shopping centres, customers normally park for several hours; at the airport or railway station, sometimes for up to several days at a time. The company has access to extensive expertise in all the important property segments: Airport, city and shopping centres, trade fairs, hotels, hospitals, Park & Ride.

If required, APCOA PARKING can therefore also get involved in development projects right from the building phase and prepare a situation-suitable operating concept with individual tariffs and on-site support following a comprehensive location analysis. However, APCOA PARKING also boosts returns at existing properties using state-of-the-art technology and effective marketing measures.

For us, car park management does not begin at the barrier. Rather, it requires trends to be monitored and ongoing market research to be carried out to continuously improve products. This means that car parks are marketed actively and profitably with APCOA PARKING.

APCOA PARKING's expertise for professional operation is based on three pillars:

  • the use of state-of-the-art technology,
  • standardised operating procedures work processes and
  • a continual optimisation of system for all services and products.

APCOA PARKING's detailed revenue and cost management forms the basis of maximum returns. Revenue is maximised by optimal price and product definitions for each individual customer group, as well as by the appropriate marketing and offering additional sales channels. Conversely, the use of state-of-the-art technology, optimised processes, purchasing group synergies and continuous improvements help minimise the costs. This means that APCOA PARKING ensures the profitability of each car park and all-round owner satisfaction.

APCOA PARKING offers various different types of contracts. This allows for a simple, flexible partnership as, depending on the contract, the company can take care of more or less aspects of car park operation. We offer partners various different contract options, e.g. fixed lease, a combined fixed and returns lease or a straightforward returns lease as well as a management contract for a fee.


  • Expert knowledge from 12 countries
  • Maximisation of the ROI as car park manager
  • Individual contract conditions: APCOA PARKING pays for example a fixed rental or alternatively works for service fees
  • APCOA PARKING is the lease holder and not the owner of property so there is no competition with the owner
  • APCOA PARKING pursues a strategy of sustainability

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