Parking enforcement is an emotive issue. It demands a sensitive approach. We provide a highly professional and complete end-to-end service tailored to the specific needs of our clients, both local authorities or private proprietors. We manage effectively and plan efficiently, delivering excellence in quality and value at every stage.

On-street enforcement services cover

  • Enforcement Officers – deployed on foot, cycle, moped, car or removal truck
  • Mobile CCTV vehicles
  • Clamping and Removals
  • Vehicle Pound Provision and Management
  • Cash Collection and Management
  • Notice Processing Team
  • Representations and Appeals Service
  • Bailiff Management
  • Enforcement Software and Hardware – Supply, Support, Maintain
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Monitoring and Enforcement System
  • and more ...

Park & Control

Park & Control is the leading concept of management of private parking spaces. APCOA PARKING has been optimizing the car park situation for example at shopping centres, swimming baths, health centres and also in private car parks.

In addition, Germany and Austria can draw on around twenty years of experience from European partner countries Norway and Great Britain. With Park & Control, APCOA PARKING provides an important service in regulating stationary traffic. At the same time this sophisticated concept ensures that car parks are not abused or used unlawfully.

The car park surveillance offers various implementation options. In this way we guarantee the car park owner the maximum flexibility. Car park features are shown with signs complying with legal requirements.The parking area is overseen on site by Park & Control staff twenty four-hours a day. Implementation options are:

  • Monitoring by means of parking discs
  • Monitoring through a Park & Display parking ticket
  • Monitoring by means of entrance barrier
  • Monitoring through photographic detection

Enforcement products

APCOA PARKING enforcement solutions offer:

  • on-street enforcement on public roads and
  • Park & Control for privatly owned car park facilities e.g. shopping centers


  • Satisfaction of the car park owner
  • No “illegitimate parkers“
  • Satisfaction of the car park customers
  • Guarantee of free parking spaces for regular customers
  • Increased parking frequency

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