Even advertising experts are often unaware of the many different advertising options available in car parks. Through such advertising we can reach consumers with considerable purchasing power across a very wide spectrum. In an environment relatively free of advertising, often straight before purchasing decisions are made and with over 50 million contacts nationwide in Germany. Through this APCOA PARKING provides an ideal solution for all industries as the advertising spaces are sited in shopping centres, at airports, trade fairs, leading international hotels, banks, insurance companies or stadiums and multi-functional arenas to name just a few locations.

Unlike with traditional external advertising media, multi-storey car park users can hardly miss the sight of the advertising and therefore the associated advertising message.
Thus we offer a variety of attractive advertising spaces in obligatory corridors and driving directions, in the payment and barrier areas, on façades and entrances or on the parking tickets themselves - all this with an extensive availability in the German-speaking area with three hundred sites in Germany alone and many other facilities in Austria and Switzerland.
There are virtually no limits to creativity, advertising of all types is conceivable.

  • Column branding
  • Exterior advertising
  • People promotion
  • Luminous strips
  • City Light poster
  • Trolley advertising
  • Barrier advertising
  • Ticket advertising
  • Parking level branding
  • Display advertising


  • Diverse advertising opportunities in a relatively free advertising-environment
  • Advertising often straight before a possible shopping decision

  • Wide target group with considerable purchasing power

  • Widespread availability in the German speaking area with three-hundred sites in Germany alone and many other facilities in Austria and Switzerland

  • Individual advertising planning possible

  • Expert advice and high degree of campaign skill

Download complete Advertising Sales brochure

APCOA PARKING Advertising Sales brochure (PDF)