Procurement of APCOA PARKING

Information for suppliers

The procurement organization of the APCOA Group, operated as APCOA PARKING in 12 countries in Europe, is responsible for the purchase and supply of all goods and services needed in our companies and local offices.

We are interested in trustful, cooperative and long-term partnerships with our suppliers. APCOA PARKING offers transparency whilst also remaining aware of its responsibility not only to contractual partners but also to the environment.

The Supplier Code of Conduct

expresses the expectation of APCOA towards such ethical business behaviour of our Suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct shall be applicable to any individual or group directly or indirectly delivering service or goods to APCOA PARKING.

Contact Purchase:

APCOA Parking Holdings GmbH Group Procurement
Postfach 23 04 63
70624 Stuttgart (Flughafen)

General Procurement Conditions (GPC)

This stipulates the fundamental terms and conditions for supply transactions, payment terms, warranty conditions and other regulations of our collaboration. For optimization of the processes and an efficient communication, we use our procurement system and you get electronic orders by email in pdf-format.

Download of the latest General Procurement Conditions (PDF):



Download our General Procurement Conditions:



Download our General Procurement Conditions: