APCOA PARKING is already thinking of tomorrow today. To achieve success in the long term, it is important to operate sustainably, to protect the environment and use resources sparingly. That is why APCOA PARKING cooperates with satnav map manufacturers to reduce traffic in cities caused by car drivers looking for a parking space. Moreover, APCOA PARKING also makes a lasting commitment to society.

APCOA PARKING offers solutions for sustainable growth and operates car parks that make careful use of resources. Thanks to consistent signage and cooperations with major savnav providers, APCOA PARKING helps reduce the city traffic caused by car drivers looking for a parking space. Technical innovations such as CO2-reduced shuttle buses at airports help cities and airports reduce their CO2 emissions.

Lessors can expect a sustainable approach to nature and a sustainable increase in the property's value from APCOA PARKING. To operate profitably in the long term, the company offers a sophisticated added value programme.

  • Less traffic in cities caused by car drivers looking for a parking space
  • CO2-reduced shuttle buses to airports
  • Social sponsoring
  • Long-term contractual relationships
  • Customer-friendly offers

Our achievements in brief:

  • CO2 reduction by intelligent bussing at London Heathrow Airport.
  • Solar panels have been installed on space available on the multi-storey car park at Stuttgart airport. The power generated flows directly into the local grid – our contribution for a better environment.
  • APCOA PARKING is continuously optimising the ease of finding its car parks through digital means. More than 1300 car parks were systematically programmed into leading navigation systems. This cooperation allows drivers to reduce time and fuel spent on searching for a parking space.
  • Rollout of charging points for electric cars in APCOA PARKING car parks.
  • APCOA PARKING manages parking areas that use resources efficiently. We save on the usage of conventional energy wherever possible and actively seek out and promote the use of alternatives. For example, we only install systems with low energy consumption and reduced environmental impact.
  • LED lighting and special sensors on ticket machines make it possible to reduce their average energy consumption by over 70%. At airports, we use fuel-efficient shuttle buses to minimise our carbon emissions.


Electric cars are here, and APCOA PARKING is ready! We equip our parking areas with charging stations so customers can charge their cars while they do their shopping. In this way, APCOA PARKING helps to solve the two main problems that owners of electric cars currently face: short range and long charging times.

Together with energy companies, we are working to develop the “filling station of the future”. Another good reason to park at APCOA PARKING!

Car sharing:

Car sharing is becoming increasingly popular, because while many people still want the convenience of driving a car, they don’t necessarily want to own one.

Car sharing vehicles are changed frequently and are on the road a lot – much more than privately-owned cars. They also need more parking spaces that are available at short notice. And car sharing companies need fixed slots where the vehicles can be picked up.

Demand is growing steadily and the growth rates of 20 % speak for themselves.
APCOA PARKING cooperates with national and regional car sharing providers, and can offer special conditions for long-term parking spaces in designated areas.