Case Study Stockholm Airport

taxi management for better customer service and more revenue

Airport Challenge

Oslo Airport

Airports are faced with the task to control and to secure the taxi area at the Airport whilst providing sufficient taxis to the right terminal at the right time

APCOA Solution

Stockholm Airport

APCOA offers a complete service range for taxi management at the Airport, including fee collection, control of the taxi flow to the terminals as well as management of the pick-up zone and enforcement of the Airport’s regulation

APCOA activities

Stockholm Airport
  •  Design/set-up of taxi management system
  • Management of taxi supply
  • Provision APCOA software/ hardware. 
  • Reservation handling
  • Information centre
  • Waiting room, food service for cab drivers




APCOA Results

Munich bauma

At Stockholm APCOA introduced taxi management, creating a new stream of revenue which was increased constantly 9% (2003 – 2008)


Stockholm, Sweden

Airport Parking

Taxi Management


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